We at Karakun believe in open source. That’s why we are not only consumers of free software, but also have a long list of active contributions to various open source projects, which we usually use in our own projects. And of course, we are also happy to pass our know-how back to the community – be it through talks at conferences or JUG-evenings, events like the React Training with Simon Skoczylas in Munich, Hackathons or Meetups like the Hackergarten or even professional articles and books.

Since March 2019, Karakun AG has been an official member of the BaselOne association, organizer of the eponymous software developer conference in Basel. “The conference has made a name for itself locally in the past 3 years and some internationally renowned speakers have already appeared here. We would like to help establish Switzerland, and in particular Basel, as the home of innovative software companies and experts”, said Elisabeth Meier, CEO of Karakun AG.

In addition to active work in the conference organizing committee, we are actively involved in the design of the conference program.