It’s 5:50 pm on a Thursday in the Karakun office. The rustling of crisp bags and the sound of beer bottles on their way to the fridge break the silence. The last checking glance across the meeting room is interrupted by the doorbell. Wooosh. The lift arrives, and in steps the first guest of the second Karakun DesignGarden on 9 March 2023.

In a round consisting of 5 UX enthusiasts, the participants first discussed questions about UX training or how to gain a foothold in the user experience design area. After a few drinks and pizza, the participants worked on two concepts and supported each other in their daily business.

Like at the first DesignGarten Basel, we enjoyed welcoming design colleagues and are already looking forward to the next round in summer 2023, which will take place on 28 June 2023 from 6 pm at our offices in Basel.

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