ATZ (Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift) is the specialist magazine for technology-orientated management in the automotive industry. It reports on advances in automotive technology in a technically and scientifically profound and exclusive manner and serves as an indispensable source of information for all engineers in automotive engineering worldwide.

In issue 04/2024, the magazine published an exclusive article on Function Data Management for Virtual Vehicle Development.

Coverpage of the reprint of the article

In the article, the authors discuss the particular importance of data for describing the function of components in vehicle development. Function data defines requirements for new components and is a prerequisite for model-based systems engineering (MBSE). The article describes the efficiency gains based on an application example of integrated functional data management using the FDX standard (Functional Data eXchange) and its reference implementation EXOKNOX.

Further areas of application

Functional data is not only relevant in vehicle development. Every company that develops mechatronic systems benefits from the possibilities offered by EXOKNOX. These include the aircraft industry, rail vehicle manufacturers and wind turbine manufacturers – to name only a few.

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