The #diwodo is all about one thing: digitalisation. From Sep 26-30, 2022, the focus will be on searching and finding, learning and getting to know, trying and understanding. What brings everyone together is the interest in digital offerings and solutions.

The entire spectrum of the world of digitalisation and innovation will be presented in over 200 events in numerous Dortmund locations. Everyone can take what he or she is interested in. Uncomplicated, open and free of charge.

Our experts have prepared the following presentations for the #diwodo:

Singularity aus Versehen - Warum meine KI die Menschheit auslöscht
Sicherheit in Open Source
Runtime Metriken 101
Die Nadel im Datenschutz-Heuhaufen finden - wie können Information Retrieval und KI helfen?
Arbeite agil, hamse gesacht...
Ich bin C-3PO, wie kann ich Dir helfen?
Docs Docs Docs
Was dein Browser über Dich verrät

We are offering all talks online, some of them even hybrid. For more details, please click on the respective tile or visit and enter “Karakun” as search term.

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Bits+Currywurst in the unique atmosphere of Germany’s largest football stadium in Dortmund offers impulses from top-class keynote speakers and industry experts on all aspects of digitalisation and is the ideal platform for networking and exchanging information on the latest trends and technologies.

On 29 September 2022, from 2:25 p.m., you will have another chance to satisfy your hunger for knowledge with the talk “Arbeite agil, hamse gesacht…” by and with our experts Claudine Zillmann and Stephan Classen in a typical conference atmosphere.

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