In Java’s history a lot of different UI technologies appeared and helped Java to become an established technology for desktop applications. Especially the cross platform functionality of Java enabled a lot of mission critical desktop applications in industries like the aerospace sector, deep sea research, the stock market, and others.

As we all know the market share of desktop applications has gone down during the last decade. Next to mobile computing more and more applications move to web browsers. Based on this Java desktop technologies are not as attractive anymore as they were a couple of years ago.

Nevertheless there is still progress in Java Desktop technologies and a lot of positive changes and progression happened within the last 12 months. Together we will take a look at the current state of these technologies, how they evolved within the last year, and what new developments the future might bring for us.

This keynote presentation by Karakun expert Hendrik Ebbers has been recorded at JFX Days 2020 on Nov 24, 2020.