Language technology makes the world intelligent, multilingual and interactive. It enables machines to read, analyze, process and generate human speech. Common examples of this technology are speech recognition, intelligent assistants, machine translation, chatbots, text summarization and automatic subtitling.

LT-Innovate is the association of the language technology industry. Among other things, it supports its members by promoting language technology as a driver of economic success and by actively sharing knowledge.

Karakun CEO Elisabeth Maier has been a new member of the LT-Innovate Board of Directors since December 2023.

“For years, I have followed LT-Innovate around virtually. I have always liked its mission to support the Language Technology community in Europe and to forge a network of LT organizations who together drive that idea”, says Elisabeth Maier.

“As part of the LTI Board, I would like to move the focus increasingly more on the demonstration of beneficial business cases of LT and AI. As a consequence, I would like to see more active user organizations as part of LTI activities.”

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