An essential part of modern vehicle development is the analysis and evaluation of test and simulation results. Unfortunately, current tools do not adequately support these processes.

There are highly specialized and sophisticated applications, that deal with test data of specified components or aspects of a car. But modern car development requires connecting test data stemming from different areas. Today, this is only possible without several manual intermediate steps.

That is why we are developing Lyzium. Lyzium integrates the entire process in a web application, starting with import including quality assurance, visualization, and analysis of the data, and ending with export and archiving. For additional requirements, Lyzium can easily be extended.

The use of Lyzium brings engineers decisive advantages, for example:

  • Faster access and analysis because data is stored in a Big Data infrastructure and is immediately available for analysis
  • Lower costs through centralized management
  • More efficient collaboration between teams and departments through centralized management and analysis of data from different sources and components.

We will be presenting our Big Data platform Lyzium at booth B1.B414 from September 7 to 12 at the IAA MOBILITY in Munich.

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You can find more details about Lyzium on the website as well as in our technical article published by the trade magazine Hanser Automotive (issue 1/2021).

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