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We develop individual solutions for typical applications where no suitable standard software currently exists. For selected areas, we use our own frameworks / customizable products, thus accomplishing further efficiency gains.

Solution development

The agile development of ergonomic and high-quality software solutions is encoded in the DNA of each Karakun coworker. And for us solution development means not just the implementation of customer requirements but rather the corresponding value-creation chain in its entirety:

  • Customer support
    We support our customers starting with requirements analysis, via solution design right through to the review of the definitive solution.
  • Software development
    Although we write code, we keep a constant eye on the overall application architecture as well as the development process. Furthermore, we carry out project reviews and evaluate program code.
  • User-oriented approach
    Users are the focus of the entire development process, thus guaranteeing intuitive operability and optimal customer satisfaction.
  • Maintenance and support
    We maintain the software we develop and keep it up to date, as needed.

We at Karakun are at home in many domains and can quickly familiarize ourselves with new subject areas. The focus of our technology is the Java platform. Our experts are equally at home on the desktop, the web and mobile devices as well as in the cloud, and are familiar with both well-established tools and the latest trends. Thanks to our strong commitment to the developer and open source community, we don’t just keep our knowledge up to date, but actively help shape new technologies. We support the marketing of these innovations with a variety of publications and presentations at regional and international conferences. As a customer, you will benefit from our advanced expertise.

Many of our experts are pioneers in agile development. All employees are very familiar with working in distributed and / or virtual teams across company and national borders.

Intelligent language analytics & enterprise search

Are you still searching, or have you found what you are looking for?

The amount of information that you and your customers need to process is constantly growing. And since every employee of a company has his or her own filing system, the chaos quickly becomes perfect. Ultimately, we all spend far too much valuable time searching for the relevant information.

The Hibu platform by Karakun provides a proven, fully developed toolset that can be used to develop customized solutions for accessing content from structured and unstructured documents and data collections. The basis is a state-of-the-art analysis platform whose core components are constantly being further developed. These include intelligent semantic search, recognition of names, dates and units of measurement, classification of texts and their assignment to specific subject areas, and recognition of the tonality of a contribution.

The platform components use the latest AI technologies such as statistical models and neural networks – but also established procedures that are based on rule-based approaches. Using this mix, the Karakun solution can implement a wide range of business cases and master demanding challenges. 

We use agile methods to implement your customized solution. A large team of experienced software engineers, computational linguists, UI experts and project managers develop and integrate them into your IT environment and ensure a smooth interaction with your infrastructure. At the same time, we only use technologies that we are convinced of and that suit you and your environment. Our team members all have a broad background with the latest approaches from the fields of artificial intelligence, language processing and big data.

As a customer, you will benefit from shorter implementation times and low development costs thanks to our many years of experience in the field of up-to-date software architectures and the development of scalable and usable applications.

Would you like to learn more about the HIBU platform?

Visit https://hibu-platform.com or read the related case studies of Covalo AG (formerly Chemberry by Clariant) or DSwiss AG.

Measurement and simulation data management for digitization in mechanical engineering

When developing machines such as cars, airplanes or manufacturing systems, digitization brings cost savings (e.g. through simulation and easier availability of relevant information), as well as a higher degree of innovation (e.g. autonomous driving or higher energy efficiency). An essential element of this digitization is the mapping of the product in all its various aspects in a digital model (“digital twin”). Extensive simulations and measurements on prototypes and finished products are constantly required to refine and validate this model – and thus ultimately to improve the product.

Even when there are highly specialized solutions for the individual technical aspects and components of a product, these usually exist in isolation from one another.

This impedes both the incorporation of data from other areas into inhouse work and interdisciplinary data evaluation. Moreover, popular, usually monolithic, desktop-oriented, customized solutions can no longer handle the ever-increasing volumes of data. The consequence: higher development costs and obstacles to innovation.

With the know-how we have acquired over the years in projects, committees and organizations, we support companies in mastering the challenges of the integrated management of simulation and measurement data. These services include:
  • individual development of software platforms for the administration and evaluation of simulation and measurement data
  • integration of existing special solutions and data sources into these platforms
  • development of tailor-made tools for individual applications
  • consulting for the conception of large simulation and measurement data solutions

Our development services are based on the ASAM ODS standard (Open Data Services) and openMDM® (openmdm.org). For data storage we rely on ASAM ODS servers and established big data technologies – among others, Hadoop.

Already know LYZIUM?

Visit https://lyzium.com and learn more about our Big Data platform for analyzing measurement and simulation data in the automotive industry. If you want to know more about our activities in general, please write an email at info@karakun.com or give us a call at +41 61 551 36 00.

VOLTA for Swiss electrical companies

Our cloud-based industry software solution VOLTA supports processes in electrical installation businesses of all sizes and provides users with individual and flexible operation – at any location and with any operating system. VOLTA simplifies and optimizes each production step from project start-up, invitation to tender right up to invoicing. Tailored to the needs of electricians, Volta furthermore scores with its simple and intuitive usability.

VOLTA is certified by CRB and VSEI and supports all industry standards such as NPK, Steiger, VSAS and ELDAS. In addition, the application offers numerous interfaces to systems such as SAP, Abacus, Sharepoint, SAGE, etc.

Volta not only facilitates office administration, but also the work of service technicians. With VOLTA mobile for iOS and Android, service and management reports can be created directly at the workplace. The required data are recorded using a Tablet PC and the customer can check the completeness and correctness of all information directly on the display and confirm this with his signature. 

From the recorded data, VOLTA mobile generates a PDF document which is printed or sent to the customer by email. For invoicing, the reports are transmitted via Internet connection to the office, where the corresponding invoice can be generated with a just few clicks.

The core functions of VOLTA mobile are also available offline and allow problem-free working even in areas with poor reception, such as the basement.

Would you like to learn more about VOLTA?

Visit the product website at www.myvolta.ch or read the related case study of Burkhalter Holding AG.

Open Source

We at Karakun believe in open source and the power of the community. However, we don’t just consume. Many of our employees are active contributors or have the lead of open source projects.

The list of Karakun’s own open source projects includes OpenWebStart.

With “Java Web Start”, Java applications can be transferred via the Internet and started without a browser. This standard was supported by the Oracle JDK in the form of Oracle WebStart up to Java 10. However, since Oracle no longer includes WebStart support with their JDK distributions as of Java 11, and since Oracle no longer issues free updates for Java 8, a gap has arisen here.

OpenWebStart is an open source implementation of the WebStart and JNLP standard (JSR-56) and is based on IcedTea-Web. OpenWebStart will include the most used features of Java Web Start and is therefore able to handle any JNLP-based application.

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