On June 10-11, 2024, text analysis experts from industry and academia are meeting at the SwissText conference at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden in Chur. Karakun is the main sponsor of the two-day event, emphasising its commitment to this industry.

In addition to our sponsorship, we support SwissText in terms of content. As chair of the workshop committee, Karakun CEO Elisabeth Maier played a vital role in defining the exciting workshop schedule. Our experts Holger Keibel and Hannes Prozent are also actively contributing to this with their workshop Grounding generative AI models.

Workshop: Grounding Generative AI models

One fundamental shortcoming of generative AI systems such as ChatGPT is that they tend to produce hallucinatory outputs which the human user might easily take to be facts, with potentially disastrous consequences. In principle, it is the responsibility of the user to fact-check any generative AI output before relying on it, but this is not common practice and often impossible for users when the respective topic lies outside their field of expertise.

This calls for (semi-)automated approaches to grounding generative AI models in relevant facts – or at least to quantify the confidence that a given generative AI output is correct. Existing approaches range from integrating domain-specific knowledge directly into the models (typically by means of retrieval-augmented generation, RAG) to applying post-generation filtering techniques (automated fact-checking) to making the generation of the AI output transparent to the user (explainable AI).

This workshop aims at bringing together professionals that can share some experience applying such approaches in real-life projects (in academia or industry). Submissions are welcome whether your project has completed or is just in the initial planning stage.

We also look forward to a close dialogue with visitors to the exhibition at our stand. We will present the latest enhancements to our AI-based HIBU-Plattform and current customer projects

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