Its 6pm on a Wednesday night in November. The office is dark and empty. Everybody went home to their loved ones. Everybody? Wait, there is still light in the meeting room. Bowls of chips, chilled bottles of beer, laptops, colored pens and 6 heads in a discussion? What is going on in the Karakun Office?

You just witnessed the start of the very first DesignGarten taking place. The DesignGarten is a new meeting format similar to the Developers Hackergarten. A group of passionate people meet to discuss design topics, work on projects, test out new ideas- all related to the area of User Experience Design. We started by collecting the topics everybody brought and then started discussing about User Experience Design and collaboration. How to collaborate within the company, with developers, with the customer? Everybody shared their insights and thoughts, and we ended up having a very vivid discussion which continued way into our tasty pizza dinner. After dinner we tackled a more practical issue by looking into the details of a design project: An “Open Space Allocator”- a concept for an app which will help planning and scheduling sessions for open space conferences and events. We talked about potential users, functionalities, risks, and implementation ideas.

Take Two. Aaand – Action!

All the participants enjoyed the first DesignGarten and are looking forward to the next one, which will take place in the beginning of 2023. Simply join the DesignGarten meetup group at and get notified. Or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn. We look forward to meeting you next time!

DesignGarten Meetup Group