The 5th ASAM International Conference continues the biennial series of ASAM International Conferences that address aspects of ADAS / AD development, with a focus on standardization. In 2022, after a one-year delay due to Corona, we are bringing together decision makers and technical experts again to share their experience and discuss possible next steps.

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At our booth, we will present our product family EXOKNOX for efficient management of engineering data to the public.

Exhibition back wall explaining EXOKNOX product family

In the context of a typical development process, EXOKNOXhub and EXOKNOXfree contribute significant efficiencies at the beginning of a development loop, right through to the construction of digital and real prototypes.

EXOKNOXlyzium comes into play when these prototypes produce results, such as raw timing data or bus data, which need to be managed, analyzed and compared with previous results.

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